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Stefan Suskalov

1978: born in Moscow, Russia

1981: family moved to Amsterdam

2000 - 2004: Graduated St.Joost Academie in Breda, design/animation

2003: student film "Death of a Clerk" (based on the story by Anton Chekhov), Utrecht film festival

2003 - 2005: worked as an animator in Lawsonandwhashisname studio in Amsterdam

2004: "Powerplay" (animator)

2004: Graduation film "Assassin" (director animator), Utrecht film festival

2005: animation director degree at VGIK (Russian film academy, Moscow)

2005 - 2006: "Micropolis" (animator) Centre of National film
"Tropical Trophey" (director, animator) Krisha studio

2006: "Filonomania" based on the work of the avant garde painter Pavel Filonov exhibition "Witness of the Unseen" State Russian museum (St.Petersburg) State Pushkin museum of Fine Arts (Moscow)

2007: "Down the river Volga" exhibition "The Poetry of water in Russian art" of the IX-XX centuries" (Evian, France, 2007, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 2008)

2008: "Down the river Volga" won in the category: young talent "Triumph foundation"

2009: worked as caricature artist in the "Independent newspaper" (Moscow)

2009 - 2010: "Big passions in the little Amsterdam" based on the work for the famous Dutch contemporary painter Rob Scholte

2009 - 2010: videoclip "Schapenteller" (animation) for the Dutch undergound rap group Bende van Ellende.

2010: "Sinterklaasje zonder knecht" (director, animation)

Please feel free to contact me for any freelance job.

E-mail: koudrus@gmail.com

Skype: koudrus

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